Inclusion at UOB School

An Inclusive School

In the SEN Code of Practice (2015) it states that:

‘All teachers are teachers of pupils with special educational needs.’

The University of Birmingham School is an inclusive school that delivers Quality First Teaching by subject staff who have a keen awareness of a range of special educational needs, medical needs and disability. Parents/Carers are a vital part of our inclusive practice and we always seek to work as a cohesive team: young person, parents, staff.

Our SEN/Inclusion Team

Our subject staff are supported to achieve the aims of the SEN Code of Practice by our Inclusion team:

  • Ms Kate Campbell - Assistant Vice-Principal (SENCO/Designated Teacher for LAC)
  • Miss Bethany Conroy - SEN/Inclusion Manager
  • Miss Olu Ogungbe - Coaching Team Lead for Numeracy
  • Mr Luke Beddow - Coaching Team Lead for Literacy
  • Mrs Vicky Drakopanagiotaki - Coaching Team Lead for Social Skills (ASD Lead)
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